MGB GT 9/16" Anti Roll Bar Orange Polyurethane Bushes, Eyelet Bushes and Brackets' Kit


Supplied with End Stops and Fittings

Important Note: Bushes come in 8 different sizes so please check this size is the right fit for your vehicle.

Vehicle/s: MGB GT, MGB Roadster, MGB V8.
Part Number/s: AHH5939, BHH2000, AHH6541, AHC146, GHF335, GHF332, GHF224, SH605071, PWZ308, AHH6546, WL700101, GHF206.
Quantity Supplied: 2 Brackets with 4 Zinc Plated Bolts and Washers, 2 Orange Polyurethane Bushes 9/16", 2 Eyelet Bushes with Locating Bolts, Captive Nuts and Spring Washers, 4 End Stops, 4 Bolts, 4 Spring Washers, 4 Flat Washers.