Classic Mini 1981 to 1989 Ignition Service Kit


Excellent value for money

Good quality parts

Important Note: Ignition service kit specific for the Classic Mini 848cc, 998cc, 1071cc, 1275cc - Years 1981 to approximately 1989.

The points changed to a small fork for the vacuum advance and the points lead gained a bridge point.

Please study the picture to ensure the parts correspond with your existing set-up. Parts supplied are specific for your year of Mini.

Spark plugs are already gapped so no need to check or adjust. An affordable Ignition Kit that will save you time and money. Improves MPG and overall engine performance.

Vehicle/s: Early Mini - approx 1981 to 1989 fitted with 45D, 59D Type Distributor, HS4 SU Carburettor.
Part Number/s: GHT241, 12B2095, 12B2062, GFE1038, GDC136, DSB191C, DCB104C, DRB104C, 37H4229M.
Quantity Supplied: 4 Spark Plugs, 1 Set of Points, 1 Rotor Arm, 1 Condenser, 1 Air Filter, 1 Set of Silicone HT Leads, 1 Vacuum Advance Pipe with 2 Elbows.