Reliant Regal - Rebel - Early Ignition Servicing Kit including DDB106


Including Lucas Parts

NGK Spark Plugs

The plugs supplied use the non resistor plugs BP5ES.
Helps maintain the engine to keep peak performance.

Vehicle/s: Reliant Regal - 1969 to 1974, Reliant Rebel - 1969 to 1971.
Part Number/s: DDB106, DDB101B, DRB101C, BP5ES, DCB101C, DSB101C, GHT241, 37H4229M.
Quantity Supplied: 1 Kit - 1 Distributor Cap with Points, Condenser and Rotor Arm,
4 NGK Spark Plugs, 1 Double Silicon 8mm HT Leads Kit, 1 Vacuum Advance Pipe with Elbows.