Reliant Kitten - Reliant Robin - Ignition Servicing Kit - GDC136


Including Lucas Parts

NGK Spark Plugs

The points use a sliding bridge for connection to the condenser.
Additionally, points are usually red in colour to help identification.

The plugs supplied use the non resistor plugs BP5ES.
Helps maintain the engine to keep peak performance.

Vehicle/s: Reliant Kitten - 1974 to 1981, Reliant Robin - 1974 to 1981.
Part Number/s: DSB108C, DCB104C, 37H4229M, 12B2062, GDC136, DRB104C, 12B2095.
Quantity Supplied: 1 Kit - 1 Distributor Cap with Points, Condenser and Rotor Arm,
4 NGK Spark Plugs, 1 Double Silicon 8mm HT Leads Kit, 1 Vacuum Advance Pipe with Elbows.