Classic Mini Rear Back Plates - Built - 21A1058, 21A1060


Excellent quality parts

Ready to fit

Including cupro nickel pipes

The back plates are re-furbished AP units, completely stripped and re-painted in 2K paint.
Rebuilt using new brake adjusters, tappets, brake cylinders, shoes, return springs, gaskets and clips.

Refurbished hand brake levers and handbrake cable brackets - painted in 2K paint.
Replacement nuts and bolts pack to secure to the radius arm.
Replacement Cupro Nickel brake lines to connect to existing system.

Finished with clevis pins to attach handbrake cables and hand brake lever boots.
Waxoyl is applied to the adjuster units, springs, threads on brake cylinder. Any red colour seen on the BZP parts is waxoyl.

A saving of over £85 by using perfectly serviceable parts.

Vehicle/s: Classic Mini - All Models - 1959 to 2000

Part Number/s: 21A1058, 21A1060, CLZ513, GHF502, 21A1669, 21A1670, GWC1102, GBS834AF, 17H7621, 17H8092, 17H8057, 17H7619, 17H7618, 17H7949, GHF103, GHF332, GHF201.

Quantity Supplied: 1 rear pair of brake back plates built to the above specification.